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How would you define a “successful retirement” for yourself?

What would need to be true? 

What would you like to have more of?

What would you need to have less of?

Over the last decade and a half we’ve found that for most aspiring retirees, what they really want, isn’t all that complicated… 

  • They want more peace, less worry
  • More security, less uncertainty
  • More time to relax and enjoy themselves, fewer stressful conversations with their spouse about money
  • Better health and wellbeing, less sleepless nights
  • More confidence, less anxiety
  • More time with the people they care about, less time concerned about things they can’t control
  • More time to pursue meaningful activity and contribution, less time spent wondering “what if”…

When we break it all down, it usually boils down to one simple thing.

Having the freedom to spend their time on things they value most, without financial restriction.  

If this sounds like you, you may be thinking, “that sounds great and all, but how do we accomplish that?”, read on… 

  1. First, we focus on securing an income plan that delivers peace of mind.  This means knowing that you can confidently spend your money so you can maintain the lifestyle you want, without the fear of running out of money in the process.
  2. Next, we focus on aligning your investment plan and your tax plan so you can preserve long term wealth without having to experience unnecessary risk, volatility, or expenses.
  3. Finally, we build a protection plan to help insulate you from retirement specific risks that are outside of your control…things like increasing taxes, rising health care costs, long term care, inflation, and the unexpected loss of a spouse, just to name a few.

Income – Preservation – Protection

These are the pillars of our Life Path Planning Process™.  Our proprietary planning process has been specifically designed for aspiring retirees who want more spendable income in retirement, less uncertainty about the things they can’t control, and more freedom to live the retirement life they always imagined.

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