We founded Two Waters Wealth Management in 2018 after over 20 combined years consulting with financial advisors and advising on over $1 billion in retirement assets.  That experience offered a unique “look behind the curtain” of the world of finance and opened our eyes how the system is set up to fail so many hard-working Americans today.  There are some amazingly talented financial professionals in the planning industry.  Yet time and time again we watched as plans fell short, and families were left disappointed and discouraged by the results they received.  The universe of professional financial advice is expansive and is filled with conflicting guidance and differing schools of thought, leaving many individuals and families confused, overwhelmed, and uncertain about how to proceed.  We believe in a process that aligns “plan with purpose”.  We’ll help you crystallize what you want out of life and then work with you to design a personalized roadmap that will deliver that outcome for you in the most predictable way possible.

Jason Rindskopf
Jason RindskopfPartner/Co-Founder
My two younger sisters and I were raised by tremendous parents who taught us the value of hard work, ambition, and the importance of care and compassion for those around you. That shaped my view of the world and ultimately set the course that led me to start Two Waters Wealth with Derek, as well as our sister company, Purpose to Fulfillment, which is focused on empowering families and individuals through financial education and literacy. Today, I’m married to my awesome wife, Cory, who motivates me to think bigger, and aspire to be better every day. We love to travel and explore and while we look for any opportunity to be active, we’re just as happy to hang at home with good friends and family. I’m a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to my local Charlotte teams, and was born with Michigan State green in my blood.
Derek Bostian, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™Partner/Co-Founder
I was raised by amazing parents who taught me about the opportunity to help others. In 2018, I was reminded of how short life is when my father passed away suddenly. The loss of my father was a reminder to spend as much time as possible with my amazing wife, Leigh, and two kids, Abigail and Jacob. We are constantly looking for new ways to inspire our children and give them new opportunities to experience the world. Always open to suggestions if there’s something we should take them to do! I’m also an avid mountain biker, bourbon drinker, and Carolina Panthers and Chicago Cubs fan. Most importantly for our clients, I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional and Investment Advisor Representative of Alphastar Capital Management.

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