Make Sure Your Smart Home is Safe from Cyber Attack

Something we’re commonly asked about is data privacy and protection. We take measures to protect all data within our office – both clients and our […]
Posted on July 28, 2019

Retirement Alchemy: Turning After-Tax Plan Contributions into Roth Savings

In medieval times, alchemists sought methods for transforming ordinary metals into gold. Today, just about every adult searches for a means of transforming savings into […]
Posted on July 12, 2019

The Loss of a Parent (1 of 3)

March 16, 2018. This was one of the hardest days of my life. My wife and I, along with Jason (my business partner) and his wife, had landed in Mexico for a 5 day vacation to watch a music festival
Posted on June 17, 2019

Giving Your Family Peace of Mind

Posted on June 14, 2019

Can Social Security Benefits Help with Longevity Risk?

How long will you live? It’s not a question anyone can answer with any certainty, and that creates a significant risk when planning for retirement. […]
Posted on June 11, 2019

Why Successful Financial Planning Is Best Left To the Kids

Lessons from kids Why are kids able to learn so quickly?  Think of all that kids do to grow, evolve, and develop during their “formative […]
Posted on June 10, 2019

9 Investment Pitfalls to Avoid

Posted on June 7, 2019

Why should you hire a Certified Financial Planner?

Posted on June 7, 2019

Baby Boomers and Digital Assets

How many password-protected accounts do you have? If you keep mental inventory, use a password manager, or have a written record of your passwords (which […]
Posted on June 4, 2019

What Investment is Right for You?

How many options are too many? What investment is right for you? Investing in 2019 is probably as confusing as it’s ever been. You have […]
Posted on June 3, 2019

Are Volatile Stock Markets Good for Investors?

When the ups and downs of stock markets leave you stressed and wondering whether stocks really will help you pursue your long-term financial goals, there […]
Posted on June 1, 2019

What’s the difference between a financial advisor and financial planner?

It seems each week the financial industry comes up with a new term, or recycles an old one, of what we should call ourselves.  Financial […]
Posted on May 31, 2019

Shortfalls of the 401(k)

If you work for a large company, you may have a 401(k).  It’s that account that you pay into every pay period that the company […]
Posted on May 29, 2019

Is the economy slowing down?

Every day we’re bombarded with headlines filled with buzzwords like tariffs and trade wars. Geopolitics and socioeconomics. Throw in the occasional wild cards of natural […]
Posted on May 28, 2019

Non-Qualified versus Qualified money

The investment community is a loud and confusing place for the savvy, experienced investor, let alone for someone who’s trying to figure out what’s right […]
Posted on May 24, 2019

Inheritance Choices: What Will You Leave Behind?

History is full with examples of parents taking actions they believe will improve the lives of future generations. In 1780, then President of the United […]
Posted on May 15, 2019

Saving for retirement…when you make a lot of money

Save for retirement….invest more….save more….. We hear this constantly as young professionals…Almost anything we read on Facebook, CNBC, or any other source of news is […]
Posted on May 12, 2019

Paying for College

While your high school student is taking standardized tests, parsing college choices, and raring for graduation, you’ll probably find yourself spending some time with net […]
Posted on May 10, 2019