We’ve designed this process to give you a framework for making an educated and informed decision about working together.  Of equal importance, you’ll finish this process knowing exactly where you stand in the five key areas of retirement success.
For people who are potentially a good fit for our firm, there is no cost or obligation for starting this process.  We want you to know exactly how we can help before you pay us a single dollar in fees or trust us with a penny of your nest egg.

Step 1 – Initial Phone Meeting

Before committing your time or ours, this 30-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise.  After all, you wouldn’t see a Orthopedic surgeon if you needed heart surgery.

Step 2 – First Meeting

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

The goal is this meeting is to get clear on your goals, concerns, and unique financial situation.

Your answers to our questions, along with documents we request you bring, will guide our analysis, which will result in plain-English answers to five critical questions.

Step 3 – Our Analysis

We’ll apply over two decades of combined experience, thousands of hours of consulting and mentoring some of the industry’s top experts to answer the following questions.

• Can you afford to retire?
• Is your financial plan aligned with your values and goals?
• Are you overpaying your taxes?
• Is your saving and distribution plan set up for maximum tax-efficiency?
• Can you eliminate, or at least reduce threats to your retirement?

Step 4 – Second Meeting

During this meeting we’ll share what we found in our analysis and discuss our recommended action steps to help you achieve your financial goals. 

This is where you’ll see, in dollars and cents, how our firm may be able to improve your finances and investments.

At the end of this meeting we’ll ask if you would like to begin working with our firm or if you would like to sleep on it.

Step 5 – Sleep on it

Nobody wants to feel rushed into making a decision. We understand you may wish to sleep on it before taking that next step.  We know how critical this decision is and we never pressure you to move your assets before you’re ready.  Prior to deciding whether we should work together, you’ll want to answer the following questions.  

• Do I like/trust/respect the team at Two Waters Wealth Management?
• Will the benefits they provide exceed their cost?
• Do I understand and agree with their investment and planning philosophy?
• Do their recommendations make sense to me?

Step 6 – Implementation Meeting

During this meeting we’ll answer any questions you have and if you’re ready, start the paperwork to become a client. 

Prior to this meeting, you’ll receive a one-page roadmap of what to expect, a detailed explanation of this process, and answers to your questions and concerns.

*While we would love to work with you, if you decide that we’re not a good fit we’ll wish you all the best and every success.  In other words, there’s never a hard-sell or pressure to say yes.