Purpose Driven Planning has been built on 5 key pillars of retirement planning, designed to help our clients achieve the retirement they’ve always dreamed of, without unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Retirement & Lifestyle Planning

The cornerstone of a sound retirement plan is your income.  The reason you feel a sense of security when you’re working is because you have the security blanket of a reliable paycheck, and your retirement years are no different.  

The first step in our TWW+ Process is to optimize your income plan so that you can enter retirement with the peace of mind that you can spend freely on the things you care most about without the fear of running out of money in the future.

Tax Planning

For most retirees, their #1 expense will be their tax bill.  While traditional financial planning conditions us to focus all of our attention on investment diversification, for the majority of people we serve, tax diversification is the most immediate opportunity to help you enhance your retirement plan.

By focusing on keeping more of your hard earned dollars where they belong – in your pocket, not the IRS’s, we can often help you to reduce your annual tax bill, create more spendable income in your plan, and help you build your nest egg more safely, with less unnecessary risk or expense.

Investment Planning

Investing for retirement is a different skill set than investing while you’re working.  At this stage, most of our clients are far more concerned with the preservation of their wealth, than they are with multiplying it.  

Our investment strategy is tailored to the unique needs of retirees to help them maintain long term wealth, without creating unnecessary risk, volatility, or expense in the process.  

Our portfolios give our clients access to non-correlated asset classes, that have traditionally been reserved for large institutions and endowments.  This means we can diversify outside of the traditional allocation of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, offering long term growth potential with less portfolio risk.

Fees and expenses are important, so we use low-cost investments to help minimize transaction costs.

Tax considerations are critical to getting the most out of your investment strategy, so we help you determine not only if tax-advantaged accounts make sense, but what investments to hold in those accounts to help you maximize your tax savings.

Active rebalancing is built into our investment strategies on a weekly basis to help ensure that you’re never taking on more risk than you expected.

Risk Management Planning

Once your financial house has been constructed, we want to isolate any potential threats that could cause damage and make sure there’s a plan in place to protect you from those risks.

There are several risks that are specific to retirement, that you didn’t have to worry about when you were working.

Sequence of returns risk, rising taxes, increasing health care costs, long term care, the loss of your spouse, living too long…just to name a few.

At this stage in the planning process, we work with our clients to help them to understand the specific risks that are most relevant to their personal situation, and formulate a game plan to help them eliminate those concerns in a predictable way.

Legacy & Estate Planning

How will you be remembered after you’re gone?  

Who are the people or causes that you’re interested in supporting and impacting in a meaningful way?

What are the most important non-financial values that you want to preserve for future generations?

Once your Living Plan is securely in place, you can begin to consider the opportunity for greater impact and contribution by exploring a Giving Plan, and it’s at this stage in the planning process that we’ll help guide you through these exciting planning opportunities.